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#30WriteNow October Writing Course

#30WriteNow! October Writing Course

You have the story in your head. Or maybe it's just the spark of one., but it's in there. Well, together, we're about to fan those flames, commit to putting that brilliance on the page, and set the skies on fire. And we're doing it this minute. #30WriteNow!

#30WriteNow October Writing Course


#30WriteNow October Writing Course

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You have the story in your head. Or maybe it's the spark of one, but it's in there. So, how do you get it actually on the page?

Short answer: just write! This means committing to the practice and the craft, carving out time in your busy lives and schedules to write. This e-course is here to help you get that ball rolling. And doing it this minute.

Write Now!

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You ready? Let’s go!

The annual #30WriteNow Writing Challenge is about committing at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days to write uninterrupted and unedited using our emailed writing prompts to get the juices popping. You’ll work that creative muscle, making it stronger bit by bit as you build your daily writing routine.

For 30 days, beginning October 1st (with Halloween baked in as an extra, “catch-up” day), this course will guide you toward getting that story started, finished, advancing, revised, polished — or, more simply, just get it told.

This exclusive writing course is designed to help you sharpen your writing skills and develop an unshakeable dedication to the craft and your work. Half the battle of being a writer is being an actual writer. This means sitting down, facing that empty page or the one filled with what you deem nonsense, and working on it, shaping into something real, something good, and something you wholeheartedly believe in.

You are a writer… so, write.

Purchase this #30WriteNow e-course and here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Daily writing prompt. This will be either one word, a phrase, the set-up for a scene, a genre assignment, an opening line, or a photograph that you will use to write your installment for the day. The guideline is to use the prompt to write for at least 30 minutes nonstop — no editing, no overthinking—every day

  • Book recommendations, resources, and links to help you grow as a writer and storyteller (ex., the importance of compelling dialogue, creating a distinct POV, cultivating your voice, etc.)

  • Access to a Closed Facebook Group where you can share some of your work with me and your other classmates, ask questions, and exchange information and experiences. Plus, you’ll get direct access to me, an author, speaker, and journalist with decades' of publishing and writing experience (I’m here for you!)

  • Exclusive Giveaways: You’ll get automatic entry into fun once weekly giveaways (4 total)