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Articles by Nicole

Articles by Nicole


Writer's Digest. November 2017
Nicole makes her WD debut with "5 Ways to Save Your Character From a Drowning Story." Read More.

Off the Shelf. November 2017
Love Scandal? Insecure? Black-ish? You’ll Love These 7 Books, Too! (Recommendations by author Nicole Blades.) Read More.

We Heart Writing. November 2017
Guest post by Nicole Blades on the benefits of not writing happy endings. Read More.

Book Riot: The Reading Life of a Canadian Black Woman. October 2017
I like to keep the mountain mixed with a range of color, character, and culture (blame Canada!). Read More.

Good Housekeeping: My Son Is Mixed, But in This Country He Needs to See Himself As Black and Proud. August 2017
Saying he's biracial feels vague and skirts the reality of how of our very black and white world works. Read More.

Health magazine: I Tried a Runcation. June 2017
Just get through Mile One. This is what I tell myself whenever I head off on a run and feel tempted to turn right back around. Read More.

New York Times Opinion: Help! It’s Wear Your Teacher’s Favorite Color Day May 2017
We were just a few strides short of the finish line when I dropped the baton. But the baton was actually a purple T-shirt, and the race was the daily contest known as Getting This Child on the School Bus On Time. Read More.

"Bad Girls" by Nicole Blades March 2017
Nicole writes about the appeal (and lack thereof) of mean female main characters. How do you make a good "bad" character? Read More.

The Biggest Problem in Publishing? The Invisibility of Black Women Writers January 2016
And how #WellReadBlackGirl is changing the game. Read More.

We Dare You: Break the Rules December 2015
Sometimes, rules are meant to be ignored—as in the case of Kittie Knox, a radical pioneer in the sport of cycling. Read More.

When Mom Is Mistaken for the Nanny August 2010
Nicole Blades is getting distinct messages from outsiders, too. A media consultant now living in New Jersey, she is black, her husband is white, and, in a guest blog today, she describes how often she’s mistaken for the nanny. Read More.