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Novelist, Journalist and Professional Canadian

Exciting News About The Blades Brigade!

Brit McGinnis

Last fall we started an exclusive little club, like a virtual treehouse, called the Blades Brigade.

Nicole Blades treehouse


It was, at the time, a closed Facebook group where we talked books and Nicole shared book news first, access to the behind-the-scenes happenings, and gave away fun swag. It's her A-team. It’s a great group where we had real talk about podcasts, books and what we loved to do. The Brigade also did a lot of exclusive things that we can’t rightly tell you about here. (First rule of fight club…)

Now, with HAVE YOU MET NORA? on its way this fall, we're opening the clubhouse doors to everyone! Because it’s all about coming together to spread the word about this new book. It’s about sharing and having a great time talking about books, life and the world at large. It’s our own little treehouse gang. I adore popping in and just saying hi, feeling all the warmth and good vibes on the internet. There’s a reason why I drop exclusive info in there so often!


Just knock on our FB door (i.e., request to join the group) and we'll happily welcome you in. It’s a different kind of party in there now. And you’re invited to be a part of it!