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Why You Should Subscribe to A Writer's Life With Nicole Blades

Brit McGinnis

Nicole Blades double selfie
Nicole Blades double selfie

So you've all heard about the fabulous wonder that is Nicole Blades.

But some of you may not have heard of her fabulous newsletter, A Writer's Life with Nicole Blades. Let me tell you: It's pretty great.

GIF of cat reading newspaper

I get it, though. There are lots of newsletters in the world. But this is why A Writer's Life should be in your inbox:

1. A Writer's Life readers get exclusive info.

For Official Use Only GIF

I'll come out and say it: We like to surprise subscribers to A Writer's Life. Subscribers might have an extra day to enter a giveaway before everyone else. They might get a giveaway all their own. We might call upon them for a secret mission regarding a new project. Don't rule anything out!

2. You'll hear about tour dates, events, etc. before everyone else.

Almost Famous Tiny Dancer GIF

We're always hard at work planning new things to do here at Blades HQ. If you're a subscriber to A Writer's Life you'll hear about what we're up to before *pretty much* everyone else on the planet.

3. You'll never have to wonder, "What's Nicole writing about now?"

woman thinking GIF

Nicole keeps it real in A Writer's Life. There's a reason for that title.

If you're looking to get in the mind of a real-deal author, A Writer's Life is where you need to be. Nicole opens up about career, family, running, her super-cool hipster assistant (heh.) ... it's all in here. No fanfare, no drama. This is where the writing life is discussed in all it's aspects.

4. Hot links.

hot dogs GIF

No, not the kind you roast on the Fourth of July. Nicole likes to gather up links to the best material she's reading and send them along to the lucky readers of A Writer's Life. There's always something in there you may not expect.

5. We'd like to hear from you!

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Nicole started this newsletter partly so she could hear from all of you lovely people who read her books. A Writer's Life is a one-stop shop for hot links, exclusive info and straight talk from Nicole herself.

Interested? Of course you are. Subscribe to A Writer's Life with Nicole Blades here!

- Brit the Assistant