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Novelist, Journalist and Professional Canadian

THUNDER on Truthout!

Brit McGinnis

Read Truthout? So do we! So imagine our delight when they reviewed The Thunder Beneath Us. Here's a hint: The delight was plentiful.

Gotta love this intro, too:

Nicole Blades' second novel, The Thunder Beneath Us, centers and elevates Black female life while remaining authentic to the experiences of ordinary Black girls. That is a tricky path, and Blades, a novelist and freelance journalist, walks it well. Her female protagonist, Best Lightburn, is a witty gem of a character who can cuss Sam Jackson under the table, then gracefully select the right fork to use. Black female life hovers between binaries like these: We are either bourgie or ratchet, educated or street, virgins or whores. Of course, this is ridiculous. This twoness has dangerous ramifications in its reinforcement of marginalization and division. Yes, we are #BlackGirlMagic, but we are also #SayHerName. Where do the binaries leave Black girls in the middle?

Read the whole article here. And tell us what you thought, of course.

- Brit the Assistant