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Novelist, Journalist and Professional Canadian

What is Hygge (and what does it have to do with THUNDER)?

Brit McGinnis


I'm sure many of you have been seeing this word everywhere: Hygge. And if you're like me, you've spent the last few months wondering, "What the heck does that word mean?"

Well, let's start from the beginning. Hygge is a Danish word, and you pronounce it "hue-gah." Here's a delightful video on how to pronounce it.

hygge definition quote
hygge definition quote

So now we know how to say this trendy word. But what does it mean?

Hygge's actually an entire concept, not unlike the concept of zen. But I would argue it's a little more approachable than that. Hygge is about, in essence, getting cozy.

hygge living room
hygge living room

Think of the time when you felt most at ease in your home. You probably had a blanket around you, maybe curled up with a good book and had some chill music playing in the background. Maybe your dog was on your feet, or your kid in your lap. Maybe you were reading or playing chess, and everything was just... comfortable. You were at peace. You were comfortable in your own skin. That's hygge!

hygge den
hygge den

But despite what you might assume, hygge isn't a concept about being lazy. It's not about being antisocial. It's not even all about being indoors. Hygge is about being comfortable, taking care of yourself and being at peace in the world. There's a lot of nods to Danish forests in hygge decor. A perfect hygge situation involves feeling like you're at ease within the natural world as well as yourself.

hygge essentials illustrated
hygge essentials illustrated

Naturally, we adore the concept of hygge over here at Blades HQ. It's basically making time for reading! Who wouldn't love the idea of taking time for doing what your heart loves, and making it so your home reflects that?

We're embracing hygge full on, and we invite you to join us. We're going to be rolling out a lot of hygge-based goodness this winter, embracing the best of the reading (and writing) life. Stay tuned. And stay warm!

- Brit the Assistant