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Book Clubs

Book Clubs

Book clubs make the (reading) world go 'round! If your book club is interested in reading one of my books, please let me know.

I'm happy to Skype, FaceTime, join a Google Hangout, make an old school phone call or, when possible, stop by live (side note: I like to bake!). Drop me a line here. Would so enjoy hearing from you. Below you'll find discussion questions for the books I've written. Hope it helps, and thanks for reading my stories!  

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Discussion Questions for HAVE YOU MET NORA

1. Mrs. Bourdain sets the lie about Nora’s identity in motion before shipping her off to boarding school in Vermont. Why do you think Nora continued with this fraud long after she runs away and starts a new life in New York?

2. As an adult, is Nora’s passing more a lie by omission (she never corrects the assumptions of others) or a direct lie? Does this change how you view her and her deception?

3. Do you think Nora is more afraid of her race or her true socioeconomic background being exposed?

4. Why do you think Nora is so vehemently against having children?

5. Had Jenna ever found out about Nora’s identity, do you think she would have forgiven her? Would Oli or Mateo?

6. Did you ever think there was a point where Nora might actually tell the truth—either to Fisher, Jenna, or Oli? When did you think that?

7. Fisher is a righteous man who is also protective of his family’s name. If Nora’s truth were revealed—including her infertility lie—do you think he would be able to maintain his principles and his love for Nora? Did you ever think he was going to leave Nora at the altar?

8. When did you realize that Dawn was behind all of the mischief erupting in Nora’s golden life? How did your opinion of her change?

9. At the tea party hosted at Lady Beaumont’s, Dawn—as Nwad—told the women that she was married and lived in Harlem. Do you think that was the truth? Why or why not?

10. Did you think that Nora was capable of getting rid of Dawn—permanently?


Discussion Questions for THE THUNDER BENEATH US

1. What’s underneath Best’s pattern of pulling men into her only to push them away when they get too close?

2. Why do you think is Best so insistent on pursuing the honor-killing story?

3. Best discovers evidence in her father’s office that leads her to believe he’s been investigating what happened on “that horrible night.” Do you think he already knew the truth before Best spilled the full story?

4. Why did you think Best feel she had no choice but to break up with Grant, despite his “mental health break”?

5. How do you think Miles able to push Best toward finally telling everyone the truth?

6. During the interview with Fatima, Best gets really annoyed at the mention of “luck.” Why do you think the concept of luck rattle Best so much?

7. Who did you think Best called, professing her love? Did you know it was Grant, Miles or even Nik?

8. Trinity appears to throw Best under the bus toward the end of the book. Do you think she was ever a true friend or was she plotting all along?

9. At the end of the novel, when Best was deep in grief at her father’s funeral, what do you think made her realize that happiness was “not so far away” and that it was hers for the taking?

10. How do you think the father’s death help to close the chasm between Best and her mother? Do you think it's a lasting change?


Discussion Questions for EARTH'S WATERS

1. Do you think that Lily has aspirations for her future? Does she see beyond right now for herself?

2. In this community, what do you think are the unspoken rules of having a "man"?

3. Do you think that Lily and Sophie were every really friends? 

4. Mother's final words to Lily were scathing and cruel, but do you think it's what Lily  needed to hear? Why or why not?

5After being physically abused by Colvin, Lily wakes up the next day with her mind made up about what she "had to do." Do you think it was the abuse she suffered or seeing Colvin's cruelty against someone else that pushes her to make a change? 

6. Colvin's involvement in the Keith Alleyne case forces Harriette to make a decision: stay the shy, retiring flower or finally swim freely into her own destiny. If the criminal case had not come up, what do you imagine Lily would have done?

7. What do you think Lily gets out of caring for MaMa?

8. Even though he wrote her the goodbye note, do you think Lily forgave Rohan's disappearing act?

9. What purpose do you think Rohan served to Lily? 

10. What do you think happened to Lily at the very end after she ventured "brave and sure" into the sea? Did she enter the waters with the intention of not coming back out?